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You can improvise using Jazz Kids easy improvisation exercises and books

YES, you CAN teach improvisation!

A JazzKids workshop with Willie Myette is special for many reasons. First, it is relaxed and fun! Second, you leave with real concepts that you can understand and reproduce at home.

Willie has been perfecting the art of teaching improvisation to everyone. Improvisation need not be a skill know by an elite few. You and your students can learn the art of improvisation.

Many different types of workshops are available, ranging from only Willie to his group. To discuss your unique needs, please call 401-331-0000 or contact us.

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"Willie Myette and his JazzKids concept are winners. Every student had a good time and learned several techniques for improvisation. Willie has a keen sense for what each student is capable of doing and within a few minutes knows just how to approach them to keep them comfortable and receptive. Each student young and older indicated they would like him to return. They especially enjoyed the jam session at the end of the workshop. As an educator, I highly recommend the JazzKids Workshop for your community."
-Henry Allain (Riverside Piano, Riverside, CA)

"The members of Katahdin's Edge are not only great musicians. but are also terrific communicators. Their artistry and highly personable demeanor really engaged our students."
-Steve Morgan (Dir. of Bands, West High School, Madison WI)

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