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You can improvise using Jazz Kids easy improvisation exercises and books

Their First Adventures In Jazz

Fourteen JazzKids students perform ten original student compositions and four JazzKids songs with the Willie Myette Trio. Hear what they can do!

Track Listing:
  1. Larkin Brown, 11yrs, Green Head Hop
  2. Chuck McKendrick, 13 yrs, Simple Vision
  3. Ross Colardo, 15 yrs, Want You
  4. Tim Conrad, 11yrs, Tim's Tune
  5. Joseph McConville, 7yrs, Jessica's Blues
  6. Erica Brooks-Sperduti, 12 yrs, Speedy's Blues
  7. Elizabeth Curtin Clinker, 12 yrs, Claude's Yum Yums
  8. Hannah Resseger, 21 yrs, Sacred Water
  9. Christopher Shaw, 8 yrs, Jonathan's Jive
  10. Christian Schatz, 13 yrs, Jennifer's Sneaky
  11. Jesse Mills, 10 yrs, Midnight Mood
  12. Jack Ryan, 7yrs, Jittering John
  13. Ryan Simmons, 11yrs, Sweet Suga
  14. Noah Block-Harley, 15 yrs, Suavecito

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