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You can improvise using Jazz Kids easy improvisation exercises and books

About JazzKids and Willie Myette

JazzKids is special because it will actually help you learn how to improvise. With simple, step-by-step exercises you will be improvising over both jazz and traditional styles in no time. You will also learn to hear and accurately perform swing and straight rhythms. Best of all, you will start to unlock your own creativity by learning how to invent your own music, while also developing your ear and reading skills.

In 1995, I began creating a collection of original jazz piano pieces for my students, which became First Adventures in Jazz, followed by More Adventures in Jazz. JazzKids is now used by thousands of students around the globe.

Gone are the days when improvisation was something that only a few could master. JazzKids makes it easy to start.

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Willie Myette
photo credit (Paul Clancy)

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